Thursday, April 30, 2009

Combat Readiness Training

As many of you already know, Cody recently underwent a Combat Readiness Course. This entailed a week of classroom training and parking lot exercises followed by seven days out in a muddy field being confronted with every type of combat and non-combat situation they could possibly encounter while "down-range." During their seven days of muddiness, the group could not go home, have any contact with the outside world or shower. They were also constantly inundated with random noises and Russian rap music day and night to aid in sleep deprivation. You can click on any of the pictures to enlarge them.

Unfortunately, I can't upload the random noises that were played both day and night for seven consecutive days. One of them was simply a high-pitched voice screeching:

"ring...... ring, ring, ring...... ring, ring.... ring, ring, ring! RIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNG!!!!"

That particular noise played for 12 hours straight. If that wasn't enough to mess with anyone's sanity, they also tried other ways of messing with their heads. Check out the pictures below:

These are supposed to be "deer." They did this just to see how the guys would react.

And of course, someone dressed up as the sasquatch and tromped around the far perimeter of the camp - again, just to see how they would respond.

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