Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Jack Ethan at 32 Weeks

I know this is not the most appropriate subject matter for a blog, but I really just needed to vent about this.

At the beginning of any prenatal appointment I go to, the German nurse hands me a plastic dixie cup with my name written in highlighter on the side. You know what that means - time to pee in the cup. They do this to test for infections, protein levels, etc. - I get it - I know it's important. It was fine with me up until about month six of pregnancy.

I will not go into exquisite detail here, but leave the following question to your imagination: Have you ever tried to pee in a cup when you can no longer see the cup?

I know.... I know.... ew. Vent over.

In happier news, our little boy is doing great! He weighed in at a whopping 4.1 pounds today! Cody thinks that 4 lbs. is a good birth weight, and I would be happy to agree and have Jack Ethan here with us tomorrow, but the doctor says we need to wait at least another 4 weeks before we can start hoping for labor pains.

We also got some good pictures of him! Check it out:

Above is Jack Ethan sucking his thumb - I took the liberty of outlining it below for those of us who have trouble seeing it without the help of a doctor pointing at the screen:

And below, Jack took a break from his thumb-sucking to look at the camera head-on.

And so, all is well in Baby News! Our next appointment is November 17th - we will keep you posted until then!

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