Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Baby DeYoung (12 Weeks Along)

Hooray for new ultrasound pictures! I am 12 weeks 3 days along.

Here is an outline of our baby.

The picture above was taken because the baby was sucking his/her thumb.

I think the picture above is my favorite. At this point in the ultrasound, the doctor just smiled and said, "you have a very relaxed baby - and look - it's a very smiley baby, too."
(Can you see the smile? :)

And last but not lease, a close up. I'm disappointed because this picture was taken two seconds too late - two seconds earlier and you would have seen his/her fully extended arms and his/her legs crossed in front - we could even see their little toes!

Throughout the ultrasound, our baby was moving around leisurely. We could see the little arms waving around and the little legs moving.

Next appointment is June 30 - stay tuned.

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