Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Baby DeYoung (4 Months Along)

I am four months pregnant - below are the ultrasound pictures from our appointment today. We didn't get good pictures because I had some Orange Juice at breakfast and baby was hyped up on the sugar from it. The baby was literally "jumping" - pushing its feet out every few seconds to jolt into a new position. The arms were waving everywhere - at one point we watched as one of the little hands grabbed onto the umbilical cord.

Below is baby's left hand pushed up against mom's tummy.

So..... we were supposed to find out the gender today, but baby was so incredibly active (stupid orange juice!) that it was nearly impossible to get any "money shots." The doctor took the picture below and got our hopes up before saying she couldn't say for sure it was a boy without a second picture to confirm it - baby wouldn't cooperate for the camera. She said there was a possibility that what we see between baby's legs is just part of the umbilical cord. (*sigh) She said we'll try again next month. Until then, we might be having a boy (for my part, that sure doesn't look like an umbilical cord to me, but you never know :).

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  1. It could be a boy. But I would give it 4 more weeks, and no orange juice.