Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Jack Ethan - 23 Weeks

As promised, here are a few pictures of Baby Jack. We had a Glucose Screening Test today - they took blood, measured my normal blood sugar levels and then had me drink the most sugary, syrupy grape-flavored stuff you can imagine. I had to wait an hour and then they gave me a finger prick to check the sugar levels again. The first reading (without the sugar drink) was 59 - the second reading came out at 138 - apparently anything below 160 is considered great, so I'm off the hook for Gestational Diabetes.

Above is an outline of baby's head and shoulders - he's getting big! He weighs about 1.3 pounds and is almost 11 inches long from head to foot.

It may be difficult to make out, but the snapshot above is of
Jack's right foot pushing out against mom's tummy.

For those who don't know, I've been getting ready all this week to go home (to New Mexico) on Friday! I'll be there for a week to enjoy spending time with family. I am sorry to everyone I've been out of touch with - hopefully this blog has kept you all up to date on my life!

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