Friday, September 25, 2009


Hello to all - here is a general update on our lives. I have one week left at work, for which I am extremely grateful. You never realize how much time you spend bending over and picking things up when you work with kids until you can't bend at the waist anymore! I have also been getting a number of comments from the kids which range from amusing to to downright outrageous.

"Mrs. Megan - you're still pregnant??"
"Why do you have a job if you're having a baby?"
"You shouldn't yell at us - it'll kill the baby!" (I swear I didn't make that up - an 8-year-old told me that.)

I've also gotten a number of uncomfortable questions regarding birth and conception, which I have had to redirect to parents (I always feel a little guilty for exposing them to "the talk" before they might have been otherwise).

Anyhow - speaking of the baby - Jack Ethan is moving around more than ever, sometimes making it rather difficult for mom to sleep. His kicks and other movements have gotten so powerful that they can make me motion sick. Most of the time, it just feels like he's as restless as I am - I think he feels as ready as his mom to start on life outside the womb. (*sigh) All in good time I suppose.

Cody is doing well. He was recently transferred to a new shop where he is more involved with the coordination of deployments done by his squad rather than the branch that actually goes out into the field. It is a "temporary" assignment lasting for the next 18 months during which time it will be very unlikely for him to be deployed on missions or sent on TDY. On the upside, it is almost guaranteed that he will be present for the birth of his son rather than providing comm support a few countries away.

As Cody says, I have gotten a bit "Camera Happy" since I started this blog. I recently got into my "nesting" instinct full-blast and cleaned and organized the entire house. One of Cody's first questions was "Are you going to take pictures?" I laughed and asked why I would take pictures of it. He said, "I don't know - you take pictures of everything."

Well, of course I had to prove him right.

Fall is creeping across the vine covering our house.

Above is our living room post-organization. Note the beautiful vase of lilies Cody got me for our 3-year wedding anniversary. Cody keeps the fans in the living room for the sake of cooling his big TV and his XBox. We have a stand-alone AC unit, but because of the dramatic weather changes, it was packed up in the attic for hibernation about a week after my return from the States.

Above and below are pictures of the new and improved "baby" room. The only thing that makes it a baby room at the moment is the presence of the changing table and a cozy "nursing corner."

Above and below are pictures of some of our baby loot!

I took these last two pictures to show-off my organization. (Do you think he has enough clothes? Hahaha. Seriously - those are all his - they range from "Newborn" to "18 months").

This concludes the update for now - I'll try to get another update post on here before our next appointment on October 20th.

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