Tuesday, September 15, 2009

St. Johannis Labor & Delivery Ward

This evening we took a tour of the Labor/Delivery/Maternity Ward of St. Johannis Hospital. Here are some of the pictures we took.

Above is the reception desk - to the right of the stork is the Nursery.

Just past the reception desk, you'll see a sign that says "Wintergarden" - this is the visiting area for the new mommies and their families so that you can't bother your roommate. Cody and I are hoping to get a "family" room so that we don't have roommates and we can have visitors stay overnight.

Above and below are pictures of a couple of the delivery rooms - they are all very nice and offer a variety of birthing options.

Above is one of two birthing tubs (which I won't be using :).

Above is the nursing room where mothers can go with their babies - the midwives were joking around that many new moms use this room to get away from their husbands and visitors.

Last but not least, above is one of the maternity recovery rooms - all rooms are set up the same way - in a family room, we would have the option of pushing the two hospital beds together so Cody could stay overnight.

We did have an ultrasound today, but as usual, we didn't get very good pictures - we did get to see some great shots of his face and absolutely confirm (again) that he is a he. He is growing really well and everything looks great.

Our next appointment is October 20th.


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